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Working With Us



ChemXLerate offers a broad range of analytical services as well as a selected portfolio of products.


In the services space we specialize in materials characterization and in particular focus on the solid state. Powder X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry form the core of these services with additional techniques brought in as needed. Most of our work is in support of the legal community and analyses are conducted by an experienced staff of Ph.D. chemists who understand the key issues surrounding intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry.


In the product space we specialize in early stage commercialization of reagents, materials, and tools for accelerating the pace of scientific discovery. We serve as a conduit to connect innovators with potential users in industry, government and academia. A hallmark of our approach is a commitment to providing the highest quality materials validated for their intended purpose. Your time and effort are extremely valuable; through ChemXLerate you have access to the very best.


ChemXLerate LLC was formed in 2009 to bridge the gap between discovery and deployment to the broader scientific community. We strive to work with individual innovator labs to make their discoveries available to other scientists on a timescale impossible to achieve with more traditional corporate structures. Services were added in 2010 to streamline the process of gaining access to state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and expertise for materials characterization. Please visit our team page for our bios and qualifications.